Counting days..

20 days.. Until we are back in Innsbruck. YAY!

Not that I don’t like living in Estonia. I love my home country, seeing my family and friends makes me extremely happy.

But Innsbruck seems to be my city. My boyfriend played for HYPO TIROL Volleyballteam 2014/2015. I have many good memories from that year. We got Benitto, who grew up to be the neediest dog I know.  We spent our first Christmas together, it was about time to do that.. after being together for three years! Christmas market, no words needed, can’t wait for this years. We travelled quite a bit: Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany. Sooner or later I will post pictures from that year.

Last week I had the chance to spend two days in Innsbruck. It was so good to be back. This time we stayed in the city, during the volleyball season we live outside of Innsbruck. Benny loves countryside, where he can run off leash and play with tree cones. When he is happy, we are happy!

This sweatshirt made my day!
A normal.. not cheesy photo





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