Consistency doesn’t seem to be MY thing

The last time I posted it was July. Why? When we made it to Innsbruck life got me. At some point I felt that this blogging stuff isn’t for me. My English is not great and it makes my writings quite bland, but I’m not a quitter and I’ll try to make it work somehow..

Life has changed a bit- we took a second dog! Yay! His name is Ricky and he will turn 9 months tomorrow! The more the merrier, right?!

If you are crazy animal lover.. then take a look – @pupsinthealps

About Innsbruck: it’s great in here! Who doesn’t like mountains?! Winter is almost over. I loved the snow, but I’m happy that it’s almost gone. If you wake up and see blue skies, you can’t have a bad day!

Have an amazing week!

See you! (hopefully not in 2017 July)



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  1. Valerie says:

    What a cute pup!! Aww

    Liked by 1 person

    1. liskable says:

      Thanks, he is cute, but extremely naughty 🙄


  2. Innsbruck is one of my favourite cities because of the mountains! One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen is the blue skies and snow topped mountains…I absolutely love it!

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    1. liskable says:

      Same here!! I’m so lucky to live here. We live a bit outside of the city- up in the mountains. Drinking morning coffee on balcony and seeing the mountains is the best feeling!


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